Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Overdue post.

This is it.
So, as you may have noticed over the last few years I have lost a lot of interest with this blog. Real life sort of gets in the way at times, and I started this thing so long ago it sort of felt like I had to keep this up as a duty and chore rather than a pleasure.
When I was 14/15 (when I started this) I 100% wanted to work in fashion. I am creative and I love clothes and art and designers but gradually I sort of found other things that I liked, and school and exams and other commitments came before my online ones. Slowly I went from posting every few days to barely once a month, and I stopped checking out other blogs and runway shows almost entirely. 
My personal style is still evolving, but it's different now than what I used to want it to be. I used to want to be on the cutting edge, spending hundreds of pounds on shoes at a moments notice. I wanted to strut into a tall building in painful heels and designer sunglasses, but now I sort of don't want to buy into consumerism as much as I used to. Other things make me more happy, to be fair. 
Fashion is an art, as is personal style, but it's almost become some what of a cult nowadays. I didn't have lots of money which I could splurge on designers to make my blog high fashion accessible, and I didn't want to be constantly doing 'hauls' in topshop or primark as I don't feel the need to just buy excessive amounts of clothing at any one go because they're cheap. I avoid buying from fast fashion high street stuff now because of what they put their workers through, which I manage for prim ark but am trying very hard with the others. I like ebay, charity shops, DIY's and clothes people get when travelling. 
This blog has kind of been an evolution of my teenage high school years, and now they're over I just don't feel like this blog in particular being dedicated to only fashion and what that means is high fashion is relatable to my life anymore. I'm nearly 19, I'm at university, after a few years I'll be looking for jobs, and if I know they're 100% not going to be in fashion I don't think there's much point in keeping this. 
Plus, everyone blogs nowadays. They're are much better and dedicated bloggers in this world than me. 
Thank you, readers, who actually read this. I feel like a lot of you followers may have stumbled across my blog and clicked follow because you hoped for a follow back, which when I first created this blog none used to do. But hey, things changed.
I'm gonna keep this post up for a bit, then I'll delete this blog as it doesn't really have a place on the internet anymore. I may come back, I like some place to express myself and what pictures and art I love to share, but it won't be here. 
Thank you! Everything has been great. Once upon a time, I loved blogging and I hope that memory is the one that remains.
Charlotte xxx


  1. Sad to see you go :( just as i am picking blogging back up. Im a firm believer in doing what feels right for yourself so good on you for chasing your dreams! Best of luck for the future!!


  2. Hi, you have always wanted to write, or find movitacion, later, come back, you can focus the blog to other sectors, I'm sure your followers will continue to be with you.



  3. best of luck with the future Charlotte

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call me a party pooper but i dont appreciate stuck up their own asses anonymous comments.i do like nice words from people i like though. and not you ,you little anonymous shit.

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