Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hit me with your best shot

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Remember I wanted to make my dress with black, gold, nude, mesh and chiffon in my post 'Black, nude, gold, sparkles on the highway that don't care'
Well prom was yesterday and me and mum made my dress! She made the dress and I added the crystals. Twas very fun.
Shoes- Topshop, Earrings and bracelets- Forever 21 and Fossil, 
I had my nails done neon yellow shellac, as well as my toes! I hope it lasts when I go to India next week. My friend curled my hair, I wanted it relaxed and messy and I did dark smokey eyes with big lashes. 
Prom went well, but I can't say it was the best night of my life haha. I did organise it all and everyone seemed to have a great time! Can't believe high school is really over. I really hope to get into uni!


  1. stunning dress!! love the details,.

    followed you dear :)
    please follow back (^-^)

    have a nice day!

  2. Slt, tu as un joli sourire bonne journée

  3. Your dress is lovely. Your mum done a great job. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you follow. x

  4. What a beautiful dress! I'm impressed! Your mother is a skilled seamstress! Your look is flawless, beautiful make up! Thanks for stopping by my page! :)

  5. Hie:)
    Thanks for the comment on my Blog, it was so nice:) this is such a beautiful dress. Love the Crystal detailing x

  6. I love this dress so so much, I wish I could buy it! As said by another, it looks flawless!

  7. That dress is so pretty! Great choice on nail color also.

    Sweet and Lo

  8. I can't believe your mum made your dress. It's gorgeous and it really works with the yellow nails. :) xx

  9. Your dress is so lovely! Love it!
    - Charlotte

  10. Your dress is gorgeous!! And I love the bit of text below the comment box about anonymous comments, it made me laugh.

  11. Stunning dress!
    You're gorgeous and I'm following your amazing blog:)
    Hope you follow back

  12. Such an amazing dress! You must be so proud haha! What a top mum <3 xx

  13. Omgg I cant believe your Mum made your dress she is literally a genius! You look so amazing I've also got my prom next week :D hope your Uni plans go well dear xo

  14. Thanks for the comment on my blog lovely! LOVE this post. Dress is beautiful and love the shots! cute! :)

    xo Keep in touch

  15. You look beautiful! Love your dress xx <3

  16. Your mum is so talented!! Amazing dress!!

  17. I absolutely love this dress! The detailing is beautiful :) xxx

  18. Absolutely Beautiful :)
    Love it
    new follower :)

    Bea x

  19. Love the dress, and I love that you and your Mum made it together :) That's so lovely! Good luck for uni x

  20. Love your dress. Im really getting into purchasing more black lately and love the different elements to this dress. You look lovely.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, im following you now
    Lucy xxx


call me a party pooper but i dont appreciate stuck up their own asses anonymous comments.i do like nice words from people i like though. and not you ,you little anonymous shit.

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